OLHOS DE ENCANTO E SEDUÇÃO- Charming Eyes and Seduction 

                   Written by: Wanderlino Arruda (Translated to English by Arose N Daghetto)


Your eyes enchant,

your eyes seduce,

Your eyes speak of love

always with intense tenderness

of the sweetest moments.

Your eyes are divine magic,

a bright mirror shine

of splendor and majesty.

Your eyes, my dear,

brains and beauty mark

and spark

the most beautiful dreams.

Your eyes, oh sweet girl

travel multiple paths

Emerald and honey nuances.

Your eyes, oh delicious sweetness,

translate a thousand lives

and have colors of Spring!



                               Written by: Wanderlino Arruda (Translated to English by Arose N Daghetto)

I love your beauty,

the radiance of your sympathy

A delicious love

that’s there are in your eyes.

A burst,

a happy blessing

that your soul can not hide,

that makes you so pretty!

How good it is to love life

when I see you, love.

It would be so good

that we were always together,

one near the other,

for all neighboring the sun and moon,

to feel all the stars

the spot in time and in the infinite,

with infinite tenderness.

It is so good to always have

the feeling of your presence,

of your heat

of your dark skin,

of your joy,

of your life!