My Eyes Are filled With Your Beauty (Barbados) 

                                      Written by: Krishna Prasad Konduru


My eyes filled with your beauty

My heart full of your thoughts


aspire your friendship

I breath for you only

How can I tell you all


as silence is the language I know

How can I stop your looks which


stealing the words I instored for you

How can I save my heart

which are

drowning in your thoughts

How can I survive with your

lovely thoughts surrounding me.

I plead my shivering lips to bring out the words i kept for you


have been looking silently to find what you think of me

I fear now..the

silence is eating up the life

I need to know a new language to express

my love to you.






                 ~By: Derek Walcott


Better a jungle in the head

than rootless concrete.

Better to stand bewildered

by the fireflies’ crooked street;

winter lamps do not show

where the sidewalk is lost,

nor can these tongues of snow

speak for the Holy Ghost;

the self-increasing silence

of words dropped from a roof

points along iron railings,

direction, in not proof.

But best is this night surf

with slow scriptures of sand,

that sends, not quite a seraph,

but a late cormorant,

whose fading cry propels

through phosphorescent shoal

what, in my childhood gospels,

used to be called the Soul.

Midsummer, Tobago (St. Lucia)  

                            By Derek Walcott


Broad sun-stoned beaches.

White heat.

A green river.

A bridge,

scorched yellow palms

from the summer-sleeping house

drowsing through August.

Days I have held,

days I have lost,

days that outgrow, like daughters,

my harbouring arms.

De Poem (West Indies) 

               ~By: Dennis Young

de poem did not have a heart

but did have a soul /it read so

sweet suga–cane

..mama bake-bread sweet

..took me on a flight to st.lucy

up thru the woods

..there’s where i found its.

mother bathing another

poem new and she took flight as i surprised her

..the poem left on de ground

of bath beach st.john

…crying out to be heard

..and john

king/gabby/rpb..heard the cry

…and wrap it round me..calypso..

…yes me

calypso was born of a bajan dream .

nestle between a spouge song and the


…hear de cry in every land

..kamau braithwaithe.s land me land in me

heart too…

…de poem remains strong….