~Written By Arose N Daghetto


Sleep my little freedom child
May your dreams be filled with warmth
and ravaged with integrated colors
in the courts of Rosa Parks
Hark, the herald Angels sing
“I am a man!” and “Ain’t I a Woman?”
They sing their song so loud and fearlessly
because they’re black and oh so proud

May you find everything you need
at the top of Jacob’s ladder
Where The Revolution sings so sweetly
on heaven’s doorsteps
while the laws of Lions read like Holy Scriptures
by Huey Newton in the Sojourner Truth
Your sleep is so peaceful as you dream in hurricanes…

A knightly figure dressed in a white suit
guides you across the equator
To a colossal size building that looks like the Taj Mahal
Where a line of holy men anoints the large marble steps
with water from The Red Sea
to bless your feet with good tidings

One of the holy men steps forth, holding a dove
He releases it into the winds and motions you to follow it…
You followed the dove up the christened steps
All the way to a pair of heavy 14 carat doors.
As you enter, a long red velvet carpet leads you
to Geronimo Pratt standing at the altar
handsomely commissioned to sainthood
as he softly coaches you up the carpet
where Jesus continues to perform miracles
If only your spirit could touch the hem of His garment…

Sleep my beautiful mahogany sun
May the Precious Lord take your hand
and carry you on through every nightmare
The klue is in the klutch of your Yoruba klan
Their eyes are on the prize and the future Queen
of this beautiful black bird sleeping in my arms
Commissioned by Destiny, shielded in grace…
Impoverished by bad blood yet waxed strong by ancient pharaohs
Breast-fed by survival so your bones can withstand
random attempts of genocide
Nursed as the curse breaker of your family dynasty
Your unborn descendants salute you a thousand eras afar…

You will have fought many battles
by the time you reach your autumn years
You will carry buckets of tears for the dearly departed
and the weight of your heirs strapped over your back
as you claw your way up hills and through tunnels

Your little soul will fall apart then get pieced together
more times than you can count
But you will always recover to fight another day…
By the time you reach your winter years,
monuments and memorials will be reared in your name
Celebrations and dedications will be piling at your feet
And though tragedies will come and go
with you and your family
Your sons and daughters will marry strong
and like the Davidic dynasty
they will graciously grow your family tree

Your wife will persevere as your major lifeline
Keeping your name and legacy alive
long after you leave her side
But for now, my sweet little blackbird, enjoy the peace
that comes with being a newborn.


Poem (not picture) © Copyright 2012 by Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.