-Written By Arose N Daghetto

What happens to a baby bird

pushed out of the nest

Minutes after being born?

She’ll hit the ground once

then twice

she will stay there for a while

trying to walk on newborn feet

while trying to see the world

through virgin eyes

Searching for the womb

that kept her safe and sound…

She’ll roll and rock

on the side of the road

She’ll be tossed

into a grassy ditch

by a passing hand…

Dogs will sniff around

but spare her of further trauma.

Crows will nip at her

with their beaks

before deciding

there’s not much of her

To tote home to their brood…

She’ll sink in a blanket of snow,

shivering blind in icy rain.

She’ll later dry out

by the breath of spring

and the promise of dawn…

By then,

she would’ve grown seven inches

and the courage to limp

her way out of that grassy ditch

where she was thrown

on that brisk autumn evening…

She’ll hop and stumble

Then ascend into the sky

like a rocket

impaling the hemispheres,

passing the nest

where she was born

and pushed to her demise…

She’ll soar over the heads

of those who created her

never to look back or ask why

and how could they.

She will only continue to fly

Boldly into the morning,

into the blinding sun…

What happens to a baby bird

Pushed out of her nest

minutes after she is born?

She will learn to fly solo

with a broken wing.

Poem (Not Picture) © Copyright 2011 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise.  All Rights Reserved.