By: Arose N Daghetto

I turn the knob

On my FM dial

And start Dancing in the Moonlight

To this classic station

I put on my dancing shoes

Grab my boom box

And dash up the stairway

Leading me to the rooftop

I shimmy my shoulders

And Do the Hustle

Underneath the stars

I give these crowded buildings

A show they would never forget

Carnegie Hall favorites

Live from the rooftop

Of inner city USA

I do the meringue and lambada

To Oye Como Va

I’m a lean mean dancing machine

As I shake my body and do the Conga

While Rufus and Chaka Khan

Tell Me Something Good

I do the bump

And the grind

With the brisk night air

Then I get down and Boogie

In my aero Wonderland

I switch from FM to CD

And put on a little Ollie and Jerry

There’s No Stopping Us

I roll, bounce

Skate and break

Pop, lock and bottom rock

Like I was Ozone and Turbo

I do the backspin

Then strike a pose

For the stars to take my picture

If the moon was closer,

I would be Jennifer Beals

Dance like a Maniac

While unexpected rain

Pours all over my pumpin’

thumpin body…

Soak and wet

Working up a sweat

I would run off the ledge

Jump over the moon

Never touching the ground…



Poem (not picture) © Copyright 2010 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.