My long sterling blade cuts the night

Severing the branches of oppression

Killing its roots with one swift thrust into the earth

Grazing hell and all of its evil menaces that lurks

My long sterling blade slices the winds

Dividing terror limb from limb

I cut the ropes that bind peace

Freeing her from the clutches of havoc

Hear the whip of the sword coming from the east

Heed to the far cry of its enemy coming from the west

As I lay down trauma by the night

And slay nightmares by the daylight

I traveled from sea to shining sea

Searching for a peace of eternity

Weeping endured from night to the morning

Joy has not arrived for its lost in flight

I fought giants with the sweep of my sword

I conquered lions and preyed on piranhas without a shield

Sandstorms ripped my skin like steel pellets

As the souls of Gettysburg were firing their muskets

I treaded though the hidden passages of nameless relics

Refusing to fall to my knees before racial zealots

I charged head on, swinging at every enemy in sight

I screamed with each swing, fighting with all my might

A cascade of cheers and chants light the sky from blinding angels

As their radiance chase me through the valley of death

I have no shield, no man to abound my needs

No gallant figure to take flight at the sound of my screams

My ancestors have been erased from the face of the earth

Strange blood flows in my pulsing veins

I’m a lost tribe sojourning on foreign terrain

Building huts out of the debris defining this wasteland

A widow I never was nor a duchess or queen

A king I never found and grew faint in the wait

My descendants are trapped between time and space

Tyrant echoes rattle my womb with my dynasty abased

I rest before a bonfire made from the war’s aftermath

In the company of empty huts, a village unclaimed

I hustle up some prayers to sustain me in my fierce solitude

Keeping my sword close while sending each prayer to heaven by flame.


Poem (not picture) © Copyright 2011 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.