~Written By Arose N Daghetto


My brother…

Black as the night

White as the moon

I loved you

Until my ruby heart turned blue

And bled into the ocean

Where your native island floats


My comrade…

We fought many wars

As allies

Even though you and I

Are from two different worlds

Love was still defined

When our worlds united

As one nation,

Two fallen heroes

Executed by passion

My dearest Solomon…

I traveled over the lightyears

And violated many galaxies

To find which planet

You were hiding behind

I made it to heaven

But you must have gotten lost

Along the way

So God sent me back down

To find you

He told me not to come back

Unless I had you with me


My thorn in my side…

When will you ever learn

That the cosmos

Are burdened by you

And the Milky Way don’t want you

You and I belong to God

There is no other way

Come Solomon…

Come with me…

So we can ride the horizon

To God’s throne

So He can knight you with mercy

And crown me with grace

Before sending us back

To planet earth.

Poem (not picture) © Copyright 2011 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.