~Written by Arose N Daghetto

Lord, my favorite aunt Jemima!

The juke joint never sounded so sweet!

Never mind the blues stomping feet

Coming from the latest lush of the week

Or the ratta tat tat jazzmatazz beat

Coming from that grinning back piano banging freak.

One side El Diablo with your two left feetsie!

Have fun Don Diego with your teeny Georgia Peachie!

Give it a rest Negro Blanc, you fast talking geechie!

Eat your catfish Monte Carlo, arrivederci, arrivederci!

Just give me that nice hunk of man jammin’ o’er yonder,

Strummin’ his ‘jo so fine he makes me wanna holler!

Sexy ol’ thang’s got my hips rolling like thunder!

Hey, how would you like to be my unconceived baby’s father?

I can sit on this here milk crate all night long

Listening to you play and sing your sweet Cajun songs

Can’t wait ‘til your fingers tire and you render a yawn

So I can take you down the Delta and love you all UP to the dawn!

I love those sun blazing coils that’s holding up your mean hat

And that satiny pecan skin with a whip of black

I’ll let you nip this and smack that and don’t cut me no slack

While I fancy your mezzo and give you an E flat.

I’m not a fast girl (all the time) but I can tell you’re a fast man

Musicians don’t usually settle down but I’m’a try any way I can

I see you’re the kind of man who talks little but loves to jam

But you’re just my speed with that a smooth quick hand.

It was no easy feat but I did get him to fall in love with me

The daughter of a Cotton Club shoe shiner by way of Californie

I gave him all the good lovin’ and space he needed and he proposed to me!

A modest little diamond ring and he was finally all for me!

Now when he plays at the juke joint long after dark

He plays with my heart in his pocket, as happy as a lark

The women still try to raise a bone but he don’t bark

‘Cause he remembers the love at home and it renews his spark.

He’s good like that… my mojo Creole

I love my man Banjo

My Mofungo Mandingo.

 Poem (not pictures) ©Copyright 2011 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise.

All Rights Reserved.