~Written by Arose N Daghetto


When did love start tasting good?
When all I tasted was the misunderstood
When did love start feeling good
When all I felt was cold hard wood

Tell me when did this love thing
Become such a real thing
Love ain’t been the thing I sing
Because I never heard freedom ring
Not in this strange thing
Not in this insane thing
Called love

I heard the preachers preach
And the teachers teach
And the students screeched
When love was breached
By the preachers who preached it
And the teachers who teached it
So why does this poet speak it
When she’s trapped underneath it?
I don’t know…

What is love
Love ain’t nothing above
The tears and sobs of
Love ‘em and leave ‘em of
Prostitution of
Institution of
Defamation of
Correlation of
Instigators who
Kill me whenever I try to love you…

What is love
Love is death
To those who forget
How to be a man
And those who can
Dare not to be a woman
‘Cause love always brought me here alone
Every time love should have brought you home

I know not love
For love is death
So I guess I’m knocking
On heaven’s door.   


© Copyright 2011 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.