Be careful,

she’s delicate.

One touch

and she will fall apart.

Don’t breathe on her

or she will turn into dust.


She’s tender,


Her features

are sculpted painstakingly.

Her attributes

are one of a kind.

But be careful,

She’s delicate.



from all over the world

come to marvel her

in this struggling art museum.

Pictures and video recorders

are prohibited.

Flashing lights

are her enemy.


She shines her brightest

in the dimmest light.

That is why she has a room

All to herself.


She is adorned

in the highest quality fabric

imported from Senegal.

The bronze makes her eyes sing…

it’s the first feature to attract

the patrons’ attention.

Purple layers cleverly accent

her translucent

wrap dress.

Shimmery diamonds

lace her head dress.

Rumor has it that

this breathtaking model,

a native villager,

Is centuries old.

She was passed down

to careless heirs

before landing in the frugal hands

of a Romanian art curator

who refurbished her complexion

buffing away aged cracks.


Her long wiry hair

was dipped in water

then polished in olive oil.

Her old rags were removed,

Her naked body revamped,

smoothed out

then dressed

in neo-righteousness.


She was a reflection

of his love for art

and his pity for her past.


She was his love affair,

his trophy possession

before she was taken from him

along with the rest of his estate.

They put her up for bidding

at an auction

valued at a quarter million

retailed at quarter hundred

sold for twenty-five dollars.

They blamed it on the recession…


She was originally named Zipporah,

but her owners gave her a new name.


“The Virtuous Widow”

was on a gold plate tag

Bolted on her pedestal.


It was the most popular inventory

in this lavish landmark

that was closely monitored

by the IRS.


Thanks to the good Samaritan

who found her laying

on a heap of trash

in a public incinerator,

second class

finally becomes first class.


She lives on

as a vision of loveliness,

a timeless beauty.


Her lovers came and went

but her heart goes on.

Something inside her

won’t let her die.

You can praise her,

treasure her,

or revere her

but please

be careful,

she’s delicate.

Written By Arose N Daghetto
© Copyright 2010 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise.  All Rights Reserved.