“You whose day this is,


Get out your rainbow colors,

that it may be beautiful.”

~Nekoosa Indian Poem


Literature Voodoo is a page honoring writers and artists for their contributions to literature and the arts. Although writers and artists of African and Caribbean descent have a foundational role here, other equally important contributors include those of Latino/Brazilian, Native American, Creole, and Polynesian decent. There aren’t enough works out there from writers and artists of these backgrounds. Hopefully that will change with the help of this blog.

You will find the works of legendary and rising award-winning writers sharing the same platform as writers the world has yet to hear about. Their works will have an opportunity to shine in a way that reflects their cultural identity and artistic gift.

The goal of this blog is to do two things:

1) Entertain readers from all walks of life on the cultural beauty behind the poems/spoken word, prose, short stories, books and art showcased on this blog.

2) Educate readers on the enchanters behind the craft through their biographies, author spotlights, writer profiles and personal essays.  

All the work featured on Literature Voodoo is credited to the authors and artists of the work respectfully. They reserve all the rights to their work.

Let’s Celebrate our global culture through the richness of literature and art!

Bienvenue! 🙂

Arose N Daghetto

Creator, Author, Cultural/Linguistics Scholar