~Written by Arose N Daghetto
Othello, thy Moorish queen is here.

Look at me. Do not be afraid. Let the shame be thy testimony to thy deepest sorrow. Speak into the eyes of thine neglect. Rebuke the lust thou is hoarding for thy fair maiden. ‘Tis I, thy first bride whom thou soul once loveth.

Wipe the tears that scar these cheeks, I pray thee! Remove the crown of bitterness I tarried since the day thou bidest me farewell. Dost thou well to see me beg like a Philistine dog at thy virtuous feet? Come with me into my chambers, O mighty King, and warmeth the side of my bed that hast been cold for a million sunrises and a million sunsets. Taketh my hand and let us remember all that was lost in the storm of infidelity.

Thine spirit hast provoked me for an eternity. Draw nigh to me and fill the void. Confirm that my years of loyalty to thy memory hath not been for naught. Behold the blue eyed daughter of Judas whose milky skin and tender hands swept thee away from my embrace. Wither her innocence be truth or lies, I knewest thou before it all.

Return to the bosom thou wast fond of as a lad. Great dynasties await our reconciliation! Future heirs and heiresses crieth out loud for our consummation! Kingdoms and barren lands are ours for the taking! But none shall see the horizon without thy renewed love for me… the mother of Africa.

Come to me, my lord, and let us rewrite the ending of a fairytale gone wrong. Behold the broken vow that only thou can fix. A divided home that only thou can mend. An empty womb that only thou can fill.

Othello,… I am not thy treasured Desdemona, but I am thy first love. Willst thou consider how my longing for thee surpasses hers? Please take heed, my lord, lest I be a widow forever. I need you.


Poem (not picture) © Copyright 2010 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.